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This cultural association deserves your attention…

I support the association “Les Amis de la Petite Escalère” by being one of the sponsors 2015 of  La Petite Escalère. I encourage you to read my article regarding patronage.

“La Petite Escalère is a garden of sculptures created in the 1970’s by the French art dealer and collector Paul Haim. Located on the banks of the river Adour, right between the regions of the Landes and the Pays Basque, this private garden is the result of the passion, sensibility and talent of three exceptional persons — Paul Haim, Jeannette Leroy and Gilbert Carty.

Together, the collector, the artist and the gardener “gave birth” to a unique dialog between sculptures and nature, unexpectedly showing over twenty-eight acres of forrest and prairie a collection of modern and contemporary works of internationally reknown artists  – Rodin, Maillol, Niki de Saint Phalle, Zao Wou-Ki, Chillida…

La Petite Escalère today:

Nearly fourty years after this adventure started, Dominique Haim wished to perpetuate this artistic and human adventure initiated by her father, to adapt La Petite Escalère to the present and the future and to transform it in a place to create, think and share together around art and nature”.

Last year, La Petite Escalère suffered from torrential rain. Un article was published on the subject in the newspaper Sud Ouest “Des trésors engloutis” (“Submerged treasures”) .

To read more about the collection:

To read more about the events and  the calls for application regarding the artist residences:

I you wish, as I have, to support this project, you can contact the association Les amis de la Petite Escalère:

Des carnets sont réalisés afin d'être la mémoire du lieu. La série de publications réalisée permet d'illustrer les différentes facettes de ce jardin au fil des saisons.
Notebooks are published as the memory of this place. These publications illustrate the various sides of this garden throughout the seasons.

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