Two remarkable artists, the photographer Valérie Belin, and the visual artist Mona Hatoum, are at the moment in the spotlight at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Since the 24th of June, the first is showing “Les images intranquilles”, photographs of “Super Models”. The second is showing fifty works that invite us to travel and question ourselves on how to live together.

Valérie Belin started taking her first photographs in the early 1980’s, period during which she was influenced by American minimal art and conceptual art. She then was interested by a bare expressionnism of objects. Later, as of the years 2000, she focused on the representation of human figure and identity issues. She especially made the series of photographs “Transsexuels” and “Femmes noires“.

She now is deeply interested in the contrast between what is real and virtual, natural and artificial. Her new exhibition features about fourty of her photographs on her latest theme : mannequins.

I encourage you to discover her photographs, and you can also take advantage of your visit to discover the retrospective on the installations of the magnetic British, Palestinian and Lebanese artist Mona Hatoum.

This visual artist uses the art of video to denounce the indiscretions and forms of inquisition suffered through video surveillance in many western countries, and that she particularly discovered when she moved to London.

You can discover one of her first performances “Roadworks” that she realized already 20 years ago.

She likes to be inspired by the countries she visited to accumulate memories, images, and then create her works. She defines her works as “assisted ready-made”, in reference to the father of contemporary art, Marcel Duchamp.

This exhibition also flirts with intimicy. We go from the outside world to a form of introspection.

I wish you a pleasant journey discovering these works at the Centre Pompidou. However, be careful, the first exhibition will end on September 14, and the second on September 28, 2015.

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